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Cormak B 530 Automatic Column Band Saw

  • Cormak B 530 Automatic Column Band Saw

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  • Most important advantages:

    The working cycle in the NC band saws is fully automated. After machine is switched on, the whole cutting process is done without its operator's interference, that is, mounting cut detail in the vice, its repositioning to set dimensions, lowering the cutting arm as well as its raising to the specified height after the cutting process is finishd.
    Cutting parameters such as the number of cut details, their dimensions, cutting band speed and arm lowering speed are set on the control panel. Any errors during cutting are displayed on the controller's display.
    NC band saws, by default, are equipped with an inverter smoothly controlling cutting band speed in the range of 15–100 m/min., clamping vices' clamp force adjustment and the speed adjustment of material feeding. The machine is equipped with top-down vice clamps, essential during cutting multiple details at once. CORMAK
    B-530 II automatic band saw is a machine designed for both low and high quantity production.
    The machine is equipped with a hydraulic system that is responsible for all functions of this band saw. The system is responsible for arm lowering and raising, opening and closing of the main and feeding vices as well as for travel of the feeding vice. The feeding vice is designed as to eliminate material irregularities. This model is a great machine of robust construction. Capable of cutting a broad range of materials including stainless steel and tool steel, solid materials and shapes.
    Its arm is made of uniform iron cast and, together with the 34 mm wide cutting band, is able to cut profiles as well as various other materials.

    Technical data 

    Cutting band size
    5710×41×1.3 mm
    Band speed 20-100 m/min
    Minimum cutting diameter
    Ø 5 mm
    Minimum material length in the vice
    30 mm
    Vice base height
    710 mm
    Power supply
    3-phase, 400 V
    Total power 6.75 kW
    Coolant pump power
    1.25 kW
    Dimensions with base
    2500х1900х1800 mm
    Weight 3000 kg








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