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Cormak Industrial wood dust and chip collector and extractor with vibration mechanism DC43500

  • Cormak Industrial wood dust and chip collector and extractor with vibration mechanism DC43500

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  • Most important advantages:

    The purpose of the motor shaking system Vibra Motor is to ensure constant parameters during operation and to monitor the correct operation of the canister
    Heavy construction enriched with a centrifugal fan guarantees maximum vacuum efficiency Extractor for dry sawdust and shavings
    Thanks to maintaining hermeticity of the system, it is designed to work outside and inside the plant
    Adapted to work in an overpressure system (fans work on the dirty side of the dust collector) as well as in a vacuum system (fans work on the clean side of the dust collector)
    The soundproofed structure and the specially profiled shape of the rotor blades contribute to quiet and efficient operation, additionally minimizing electricity consumption The advantage of the absorber is the use of flexible and durable gaskets in critical places to improve the tightness of the entire system without heat loss at individual connection points
    A multifunctional device with a modular system that allows any configuration of the extractor
    Warm air recovery system
    Control cabinet equipped with an intuitive control panel that allows you to track the filter contamination status
    To filter smaller particles, use a filter, e.g. HEPA It is forbidden to use this extractor in an explosive atmosphere
    The extraction is not adapted to work with wet raw material (e.g. wet sawdust)

    Technical data

    Engine power
    60HP / 400V, 50Hz
    Suction capacity
    43500 m3/h
    Engine speed
    2965 rpm.
    Filter dimensions
    160 x 1780 mm
    Nuber of filters
    Number of bags
    Dimensions of the filter part (LxWxH)
    6600x2030x3600 mm
    Fan dimension
    1600x1500x1900 mm
    Diameter of fan connection flange
    600 mm
    Dimension of exhaust intel flange
    285x455mm (4pcs)
    Dimension of exhaust outlet flange 340x595mm (4pcs)
    2200 kg