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Holzmint Drywall lifter 4 m

  • Holzmint Drywall lifter 4 m

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  • Most important advantages:

    • The plasterboard lifter is specifically designed for lifting plasterboards up to 4 meters in height. This provides greater security and makes work easier.
    • Winch lifting mechanism: This mechanism is used to adjust the height of plasterboards. This allows you to accurately determine the desired height, which is very important for the safety and comfort of work. The winch mechanism is a gear mechanism with a locking brake. Thanks to the winch lifting mechanism, the operator can accurately lift the plate with an accuracy of a few millimeters, no additional locking of the mechanism is required after lifting the plate in the upper position.
    • The raised and pressed construction plate is reliably fixed to the profiles.
    • 4 m height: the board lifter has the ability to lift plasterboard up to 4 meters high. This makes it possible to use it for many construction works that require a sufficiently large and non-standard height.
    • Construction field use: This device is used mainly in construction and repair work, where plasterboard is a very common and important element of building materials.
    • Stability and safety: The gypsum board lifter is to be stable and reliable, this is ensured by the base of 4 side wheels with a central support wheel, solid metal structure, which leads to a safe and efficient work process.
    • Mobile capabilities: This lift is designed to be easily transported indoors, transported and accessed at different construction sites. 

    Technical data 

    The maximum dimensions of plasterboard
    120x280 cm
    Maximum load
    65 kg
    maximum lifting height
    400 cm
    Loading height
    170 mm
    41 kg