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Adamik Fan for transporting sawdust VAN840

  • Adamik Fan for transporting sawdust VAN840

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  • Most important advantages:

    VAN 840 is a powerful wood chip transport fan designed for central extraction in the workshop. This fan is designed to work in conjunction with filtration devices such as a cyclone for efficient filtration. However, it can also be used directly without being pumped through a filtration system such as a cyclone or container. The VAN 840 stands out for its high chip removal capacity, which allows efficient suction of large amounts of sawdust. It also has a powerful vacuum that ensures quality suction of the material even if the devices are far from the fan. Despite this power, the fan is designed in such a way that the noise is reduced to a minimum level, ensuring the comfort of the working environment. This fan uses a 11 kW motor for powerful and reliable performance. Overall, the VAN 840 is a high quality wood waste transport fan, perfect for central extraction in the workshop or can be used directly without a filtration system, enabling efficient material extraction and a comfortable working environment.
    All fans must be protected against overload by a motor circuit breaker.
    We offer certified service switches to protect fans

    Technical data 

    Maximum output 14000 m3/h
    Static pressure max. 5400 Pa
    Motor power
    11 kW
    Power supply 400V
    The body
    Weight 210 kg
    Suction diameter
    1x 400 mm
    Exhaust diameter 370x250 mm