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Adamik Industrial fan for spray wall VAN535

  • Adamik Industrial fan for spray wall VAN535

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  • Most important advantages:

    The VAN 535 is a powerful wood chip transport fan designed for central extraction in workshops without potentially explosive atmospheres. This fan is designed to work in conjunction with filtration devices such as wood dust, paint blowing walls for efficient and safe filtration. This fan uses a 2.2 kW motor that ensures reliable operation.
    All fans must be protected against overload by a motor circuit breaker.
    We offer certified service switches to protect fans

    Technical data 

    Maximum output 8280 m3/h
    Static pressure max. 880 Pa
    Motor power
    5.2 kW
    Power supply 400V
    The body
    Weight 61 kg
    Suction diameter
    1x 355 mm
    Exhaust diameter 315x225 mm