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Cormak BS 370 H 400V 27mm Metal band saw

  • Cormak BS 370 H 400V 27mm Metal band saw

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  • Most important advantages:

    The vertical band saw for metals, with a swivel arm, enables cutting in a plane perpendicular to the axis of the cut material and at any angle in the range from -45 ° to 60 °. The material to be cut can be fed manually or with any mechanical device, while the tool feed is automatic. The belt guides are equipped with special carbide inserts and bearings. This has a huge impact on the belt guiding, its service life, straightness, accuracy and quality of the cut. Carbide guiding significantly reduces the wear of the machine and the saw blade. The machine is equipped with an efficient cooling pump with a closed coolant circuit.
    The arm is equipped with an automatic blade tension sensor, it is tilted by 25 degrees, which increases the life of the blade. A cleaning brush is attached to the bottom of the arm for perfect cleanliness and blade function. The machine is driven by a worm gear. The machine has a three-phase motor with two cutting speeds and thermal motor protection. The cutter has a CLOCK TENSOMETER - a band tension sensor and an automatic switch in the event of a cutting band breaking.
    The design of the upper part of the base serves as a basin for draining the coolant and catching the chips produced during cutting the material. A cast iron workbench with a swivel arm and a control panel on a separate arm is attached to the base. In the cutting process, the main cutting movement is the movement of the cutting band and the movement of the lower arm. The speed of the arm drop (cutting speed) is regulated by a hydraulic actuator.
    The feed rate is regulated on the cutting machine's control panel. We can choose between two speeds of the cutting band: 34 and 68 m / min. In the lower position of the arm (after cutting the material), the cutting band drive is automatically turned off. Safety will be ensured by the cutting band covers and micro-switches stopping the engine operation after the end of the cutting cycle or opening any of the covers, additional protection consists in switching off the cutter automatically in the event of the cutting band breaking.

    Technical data 

    Cutting band size
    3160×27×0,9  mm
    Band tension
    mechanical (manual)
    Band speed 34 / 68 m/min
    Arm lowering control
    stepless – hydraulic cylinder
    Power supply
    3-phase, 400 V
    Total power 1,1 kW
    Dimensions with base
    2200x1100x1500 mm
    Weight 480 kg








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