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Cormak C118 Separator, Cyclone

  • Cormak C118 Separator, Cyclone

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  • Most important advantages:

    Metal chassis,
    Metal waste container,
    Wheeled base,
    Ergonomic handling,
    Viewer for waste container fill level,
    Clamps for quick bag assembly
    The cyclone is to be connected to a fan or an extractor.
    Contaminated air falls into the cylindrical chamber and spins in it, due to which the elements heavier than the gas are removed outside with centrifugal force, hit the walls and lose their energy.
    The lightest particles are filtered through a dust filter, with the air being removed through the sides of the filter.

    Technical data 

    Container capacity 118 l
    Bag dimensions Ø500 x 850 mm
    Inlet diameter 125 mm
    Inlet adapter diameters 1 x Ø125 / 2 x Ø100 mm
    Outlet diameter 125 mm
    Outlet adapter diameters Ø125 mm / Ø100 mm
    Weight (net/gross) 24/26.5 kg
    Dimensions 785x508x1545 mm