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Cormak CNC Milling Machine C1325 BSP

  • Cormak CNC Milling Machine C1325 BSP

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  • Most important advantages:

    ConstructionStrong, welded steel body, made of resistant, thick, powder-coated sheet metal, which has increased rigidity and ensures high quality of the machined part.
    The workbench is designed using hybrid technology and has T-shaped grooves for fixing the material, with dimensions of 1300 x 2500 mm.
    Motors used to drive high power machines provide adequate acceleration and speed in individual directions.
    The X and Y axes incorporate high-quality HIWIN toothed guides that ensure high durability and precision,
    The equipment in the machine is equipped with a tool height sensor.High-quality spindle, durable, additionally equipped with an air cooling system.
    The construction of the spindle uses high-quality sealed bearings, which are characterized by very quiet operation and ensure greater durability.
    Tool height measuring sensor - included.
    Spindle speed ranges from 4,500 to 18,000 rpm.
    The machine is equipped with ARTCAM PRO software as default software.
    Polish version of UCANCAM V11 CAD/CAM CNC software is optionally available.
    The software allows you to quickly and easily design elements that the program then converts into so-called G-code.
    It is also possible to import prepared files from other programs.
    Digital signal processing
    The machine control unit has its own processor and working memory, which ensures simple operation of the device.
    The controller ensures smooth operation of the device and precision in machining.
    There is no need to restart the program after a power failure.
    The built-in memory in the controller allows the machine to run without having to reload the program each time.

    Technical data 

    Spindle motor power 5.5 kW 18000 rpm inverter, air cooling
    Work surface 1300×2500 mm
    Maximum spindle height 350 mm
    Control Digital
    Resolution 0.001 mm
    Voltage 400 V
    Weight 980 kg
    The dimensions of the machine 2100×3100×2200 mm
    Table height 715 mm