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Cormak DCV3600 Eco Dust and Fume Collector and Extractor 3600 m3/h Industrial

  • Cormak DCV3600 Eco Dust and Fume Collector and Extractor 3600 m3/h Industrial

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  • Most important advantages:

    The industrial wood dust and chip breaker DCV3600 Eco is a compact, reliable and efficient sawdust breaker that provides a high capacity for dust and chip collection without high space costs. Its massive, non-vibrating steel construction confirms the reliability of manufacturing companies that deal with large production orders every day. The chip breaker's metal rotor is dynamically balanced to reduce noise levels, and a special blade design helps save electricity and ensure smooth, efficient operation. In addition, the circuit breaker can be connected to up to three machines at the same time. The system also has a large filter area, which ensures efficient air filtration and high tightness of the entire pumping system without heat loss. A quick change of cellophane bags ensures the hermeticity of the system, and the DCV 3600 ECO aims to ensure uniform extraction efficiency throughout the work cycle. It is an ideal choice for a variety of woodworking machines such as sanders, sliding miter saws, miter saws, etc. It is important to note that the circuit breaker should not be used in explosive environments or with wet feedstock, and the polyester filter is effective at trapping dust up to 5 microns in diameter, and for smaller particles such as a HEPA filter.

    Technical data 

    Suction efficiency 3600 m3/h
    Filter dimensions Ø160 x 980 mm (9 pcs.)  
    Dimensions of waste bags
    Ø500 x 1000 (2 pcs)
    Extracting connector diameter 3x120, 1x200 mm
    Dimensions (L×W×H) 580×1600×2200 mm
    Motor power 2.2 kW
    Power supply 400 V
    Weight 89 kg