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Cormak DCV6500TC Dust and Fume Collector and Extractor 6500 m3/h Industrial

  • Cormak DCV6500TC Dust and Fume Collector and Extractor 6500 m3/h Industrial

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  • Most important advantages:

    The DCV6500TC is the latest step in the development of efficient industrial sawdust breakers designed to maintain consistently high extraction efficiency. Its large and durable construction is vibration-free for quiet operation. Reliability is confirmed by manufacturers dealing with large production orders every day. Although the chip breaker does not take up much space, it is very efficient. The 280 mm diameter metal extraction connection improves airflow, while the powerful and quiet fan ensures high vacuum power. The integrity of the entire suction system ensures the best indoor air quality without heat loss during heating periods. The chip breaker is complete with a series of large surface filters and there is also the option to create a ceiling duct system and connect multiple machines working simultaneously with DCV6500TC breakers. Quick change of cellophane bags ensures 99.99% system integrity. Dynamically balanced metal rotor reduces noise and increases efficiency. The DCV6500TC ensures a clean and efficient operation, improving the quality of your products and services. It is ideal for sanders, table saws, edge banders and planers. High cleaning quality is ensured. It is important to note that this circuit breaker is not intended for use in explosive atmospheres and is not designed to handle wet materials such as wet sawdust.

    Technical data 

    S1 continuosly working motor power  5.5 kW / 400V, 50Hz 
    Speed  2900 rpm 
    Suction efficiency  6500 m3/h 
    Extracting connector diameter  280 mm 
    Suction speed  28–32 m/s 
    Filter surface  16 m2
    Filter material  Polyester, 5 microns 
    Number of filters  32 
    Dimensions  2440×930×2400 mm 
    Weight  440 kg