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Cormak Electric Pallet Stacker Forklift Q15E 1500kg Li-Ion

  • Cormak Electric Pallet Stacker Forklift Q15E 1500kg Li-Ion

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  • Most important advantages:

    Convenient and easy to use thanks to the electric drive easy to control thanks to smooth speed control very maneuverable due to its compact dimensions ergonomic control handle with button for slow travel (turtle mode) separate charger maintenance-free motor with brushless technology lithium ion battery display showing battery level and operating time PIN lock to prevent unauthorized use Polyurethane wheels and rollers This type of roller is universal for all types of surfaces. They are characterized by high wear resistance and increased resistance to mechanical damage. They guarantee quiet operation and low rolling resistance.

    Technical data

    1500 kg
    Turning radius
    1350 mm
    The height of the raised forks is 190 mm
    Lowered fork height 85 mm
    Fork length 1150 mm
    Fork width 560 mm
    Wheelbase 1220 mm
    Wheel diameter 80/210 mm
    Battery voltage / nominal capacity
    24/25 V / Ah Li-ion
    Brake elektromechaniniai
    Travel speed with/without load 4,5 km/val
    Max Gradient Loaded/Unloaded 3/5 %
    Weight 155 kg
    Dimensions 1540 x 560 x 1240 mm