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Cormak G 5025 Metal band saw

  • Cormak G 5025 Metal band saw

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  • Most important advantages:

    Material cut can be fed manually or by any feeding device, with automatic tool feed. Appropriate cutting speed (band speed) is obtained through a change on a control panel. Rigid construction arm is made of profiled cast iron.
    The drive from the electric motor directed to the cutting band driving wheel is transmitted by a motor with worm drive. The cutting band is tensioned on two cast iron wheels with a manual tightener and guided by adjustable rolling and linear carbide guides.
    The base is enclosed, constituting a rigid welded body of steel sheets. A separate flood coolant container with an electropump is inside. The shape of the base upper part constitutes a tank for flood coolant draining and chips produced during cutting. Cast iron workbench is attached to the base, with a -45° to + 60° swivel arm and control panel on separate arm.
    The main cutting move in the cutting process is moving the cutting band. The arm lowering speed (the cutting speed) is adjusted with the hydraulic cylinder. The feed speed is controlled by the control panel. There are 2 cutting band speeds: 36 and 72 m/min. In rest arm position (after the cutting process) the cutting band drive is switched off automatically. Safety is ensured with cutting band guards and microswitches stopping the motor after cutting cycle is finished or after any of the guards are opened; additional protection consists of automatic switch-off of the band saw in case the cutting band breaks.

    Technical data 

    Cutting band size
    2720×27×0.9 mm
    Band tension
    mechanical (manual)
    Band speed 36, 72 m/min
    Arm lowering control
    stepless – hydraulic cylinder
    Vice base height 765 mm
    Minimum material length in vice
    100 mm
    Power supply
    3-phase, 400 V
    Total power S1 100%: 1.5; S6 40%: 2.1
    Cooling pump motor power
    0.025 kW
    370 kg









    ø250 310×210 240×240
    45° right ø200 200×140 180×180
    45° left ø165 185×145 160×160
    60° right ø120 120x95 100×100