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Cormak H 50/70 Semi-Automatic Band Saw

  • Cormak H 50/70 Semi-Automatic Band Saw

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  • Most important advantages:

    CORMAK H-50/70 is a highly efficient column band saw for semi-automatic cutting of steel profiles, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. Its column design ensures rigidity during cutting, and employment of a completely different arm guiding technology than in pivot band saws provides cutting time reduction and accuracy increase.
    CORMAK H-50/70 semi-automatic band saws, after being switched on, do the whole cutting cycle automatically, i.e. clamp the cut material in the hydraulic vice, switch on the cutting band, lower the cutting arm (adjustable speed), stop the machine after cutting, raise the arm up (adjustable arm height) and switch the hydraulic vice off. Manual handling of the machine is simplified to feeding material towards the bumper. Solid uniform cast iron arm along with the refined, stable design ensure that CORMAK H-50/70 is rigid and reliable, providing very precise cutting.
    Hydraulic band tension provides optimum cutting. In the case of band breakage the machine stops automatically. Precise guiding of the band is ensured by guides with bearings and cemented carbide inserts.
    The innovativeness and production of semi-automatic and automatic series "CORMAK-PREMIUM LINE" band saws, compliant with the norms and standards consistent with ISO:910001 and ISO:140001 certificates, warrant safety, quality and reliability of the product. M3V motors from ABB, a renowned worldwide manufacturer, warrant long-term reliability.

    Technical data 

    Cutting band size
    5430×41×1.3 mm
    Arm raising and lowering hydraulic, with stepless lowering adjustment
    Band speed 25 / 41 / 66 m/min
    Vice hydraulic
    Power supply
    3-phase, 400 V
    Total power 8 kW
    Dimensions with base
    3200x1100x2100 mm
    Weight 2900 kg






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