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Cormak H 65/80 Semi-Automatic Band Saw

  • Cormak H 65/80 Semi-Automatic Band Saw

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  • Most important advantages:

    In the semi-automatic band saw CORMAK H-65/80, after switching on the switch, the entire cutting cycle, i.e. fixing the cut material in a hydraulic vice, switching on the cutting band, lowering the cutting arm (speed continuously adjustable), stopping the machine after the cut, raising the arm (height arm lift is adjustable) and the hydraulic vice is switched off automatically. Manual operation of the machine has been simplified to feed the cut material to the stop. A massive arm made of a uniform cast iron together with a refined, massive and stable construction provides the CORMAK H-65/80 cutter with exceptional rigidity, which translates into trouble-free operation and very high cutting precision.
    Belt tension allows for optimal belt working conditions. If the saw blade breaks, the machine stops automatically. The precision of the belt guidance is ensured by guides consisting of bearings and inserts made of sintered carbides. Innovation and production of CORMAK semi-automatic and automatic series cutters according to norms and standards compliant with ISO:90001 and ISO:140001 certificates, guarantee safety, quality and reliability of the product. The use of motors licensed by a well-known and respected manufacturer on the global market, one of the world's leaders, ABB, guarantees long and trouble-free operation.

    Technical data 

    Table height
    600 mm
    Cutting band size
    7400×54×1.6 mm
    Arm raising and lowering hydraulic, with stepless lowering adjustment
    Band speed 40 / 45 / 65 / 76 m/min
    Vice clamp and cutting band tension
    Power supply
    3-phase, 400 V
    Total power 7.5 kW
    Dimensions with base
    3450x1550x2380 mm
    Weight 3200 kg







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