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Cormak IZBERG N30S Compressed Air-Dryer

  • Cormak IZBERG N30S Compressed Air-Dryer

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  • First step

    Initially, compressed air arrives at the air-air heat exchanger, where it is cooled, in the counterflow current, by the air leaving the evaporator.

    Second step

    In the second step it moves to the cooling circuit evaporator, where the temperature of compressed air is lowered to a dew point by the coolant factor. During both of these steps almost all oil and water in the compressed air liquefy. Leaving the dryer, air comes through a highly efficient separator, where liquefied condensate is separated from air, and removed externally through an automatic draining valve. Afterwards, the air after being separated from the condensate returns to the heat exchanger, where it is reheated, in turn decreasing the relative humidity of the compressed air.
    Cooling system is designed to automatically adjust the efficiency of cooling, dependent on the amount and the temperature of the air to be treated. This is achieved due to a variable speed fan.

    Technical data

    Inlet/outlet tube diameter (BSP) 11/2"
    Inlet temp =< 38 degrees  C
    3 degrees C dew point
    Up to 16 Bar pressure
    3800 L/MIN efficiency
    1,37 kW power
    230V voltage
    Dimensions: 850x480x850 mm
    95 kg weight
    Refrigerant: R410a, 650g