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Cormak LG6040 CO2 WiFi Laser Plotter

  • Cormak LG6040 CO2 WiFi Laser Plotter

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  • Most important advantages:

    Perfect for engraving, marking, cutting.
    The working area of the laser plotter is 600×400 mm.
    The price of the plotter includes, among others: a red spot, a honeycomb layout patch as well as a scissor lifting table and an extractor of fumes, a container for waste, an integrated compressor, a fan and a cooling system. 
    The process of laser cutting
    Laser cutting is a modern and widely used technique of machining materials. The cutting tool in this technique is a laser beam of high density energy, which cuts the material. Laser cutting is a great choice for machining metal, non-metal and composite materials. Thus, it is quite popular.
    The course of the process of laser cutting
    The process of laser cutting is based on the phenomenon of the laser beam working at its focal length, where the density and power of the beam particles are the highest, causing sudden melting, evaporation, ablation and heating of the material cut to the temperature of ignition. The place of the beam connecting with the material is cleaned with a quickly flowing gas, which removes the melted material while flowing in the axis of the moving beam. Laser cutting belongs to the hot machining techniques.
    II-VI Optical Systems optical lenses
    American optics from American Photonics.
    A proven improvement of transmission efficiency of 14% in comparison to other optical systems. High durability gold-plated lenses and focusing aspheric lenses manufactured by II-VI Optical Systems company.
    High sharpness and permeability. These lenses not only ensure the high quality of the device, but also long-term efficiency and low handling costs of the optical system.
    Double platforms for cutting and engraving
    Knife cutting table and Honeycomb pattern table.
    Wood, acrylic glass, plastics, clothing, paper, skin, rubber and other non-metal materials.  

    Technical data 

    Laser power  90W (RECI W1 tube) (optional: 60 W) 
    Cutting area  600×400 mm 
    Dimensions  1360 x 850 x 950 mm 
    Cutting speed  0–36 000 mm / min 
    Positioning accuracy  ± 0.05 mm 
    Voltage  230V 
    Power  1000W 
    Temperature of work  0–45 ℃ 
    Humidity during work  5–95% 
    Operating system  Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32/64 bit) 
    Format of input files  PLT, AI, DST, DXF, BMP 
    Compatible software  CorelDraw AutoCAD Photoshop 
    Type of drive  stepper motors 
    Head cooling  water 
    Material cooling  air, gas