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Cormak MM3156C 400V Drum Sander

  • Cormak MM3156C 400V Drum Sander

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  • Most important advantages:

    A large design, more sturdy than the previous model replaceable sanding rollers for machining solid wood, chipboard, veneer, structural steel and stainless steel
    750/1400 rpm sanding belt speeds
    Strengthened sanding roller side guide, improving rigidity and accuracy on a 560 mm surface
    Quality sleeves made of bronze and feed table belt tensioners
    Metal clutch transferring the drive from the motor to the sanding shaft
    Precise mechanical gauge, simplifying sanding thickness readout
    High-quality cast iron design of the sanding arm, tempered shaft raising guides
    Sanding roller made of aluminium, precisely balanced and self-cooling, included in the set
    Replaceable rollers-brushes in order to age wood, optionally available

    Technical data

    Maximum sanding height 80 mm
    Maximum sanding width
    560 mm
    Minimum element thickness    
    3.5 mm
    Minimum element length 60 mm
    Cylinder size    
    133×560 mm
    Maximum sanding thickness    
    0.5 mm
    Roller speed
    750/1440 rpm
    Direct feed adjustment
    0–3 m/min
    Feed motor
    50 W
    Motor power
    1.5 kW
    Extracting connector diameter    
    100 mm
    145 kg