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Cormak Mobile gantry crane 1.8 tone PK1.8

  • Cormak Mobile gantry crane 1.8 tone PK1.8

    (750.00  VAT excl.)
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  • Description

    Four deflection rollers ensure easy movement, and the installed parking brakes will be responsible for safe stopping.
    Height adjustment on the device is easy and safe while the lever is not loaded and with the help of two bolts securing each bracket.
    The model is durable and based on a stable structure; it is also resistant to twisting thanks to the use of additional cross struts.
    Designed for loading and unloading, assembly, repair or warehouse work in workshops and halls on horizontal and smooth floors
    Easy to move and install thanks to four deflection rollers with parking brakes
    Easy and safe height adjustment in unloaded condition via a lever and two safety bolts per support leg
    Stable and durable, torsion-resistant structure thanks to additional transverse struts
    Possibility to install a trolley with a manual drive 
    The crane can be retrofitted with rope or chain winches after using a block or a trolley.
    Crane without the winch shown in the photos 
    Capacity  1800 kg 
    Height  2400 mm – 3550 mm 
    External width  2600 mm 
    Internal width 2450 mm