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Cormak Planer and Thicknesser + Drill-Chisel PT 250 230V

  • Cormak Planer and Thicknesser + Drill-Chisel PT 250 230V

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  • Most important advantages:

    This planer and thicknesser is a well-designed machine, providing large adjustment and mechanical machining possibilities of hard and soft wood. Adjustment itself is relatively simple and transforming the planer into a thicknesser takes only a couple of seconds. Relatively high weight (148 kg) ensures stability, and work safety, reducing vibrations with additional anti-vibration feet.
    Advantages of the planer
    Both tables of the planer are made of high-quality cast iron, with ground and Ra 1.6 polished surface
    Shaft guard can be freely set, adjusting its height, angle as well as extension
    Angular guide can be smoothly adjusted in the 90° – 45° range
    Planer tables involve additional sound dampeners decreasing noise
    Advantages of the thicknesser
    Thicknesser table is made of high-quality cast iron, with ground and polished surface
    Height is adjusted through a large and convenient handwheel, which, after adjustment, can be locked with an additional eccentric
    Its table is supported in 3 places
    Thicknessing can be lowered down to 190 mm
    Machine equipped with rollers (driving and receiving) which are located very close to the shaft, allowing for machining even short elements
    Roller feed drive is based on a belt, ensuring slip-free work (no "tooth marks" on the workpiece)

    Technical data

    Knife shaft diameter 75 mm
    Knife shaft speed 4800 rpm
    Extracting connector diameter 100 mm
    Swinging rule tilt angle
    Number of knives
    Maximum surface planer width 250 mm
    Maximum thickness planer width
    248 mm
    Maximum surface planing height 180 mm
    Maximum thickness planer machining depth
    3 mm
    Maximum surface planer machining depth
    2.5 mm
    Thickness planer feed speed
    6 m/min
    Dimensions (L×W)
    1080×260 mm
    150 kg
    Motor power 2.0 kW
    Power supply