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Cormak S 200 RHA Automatic Band Saw

  • Cormak S 200 RHA Automatic Band Saw

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  • Most important advantages:

    This machine allows for cutting manually at -30º- +60º and automatically at 0-45º. Manual mode enables performing all activities manually, using machine's control panel. Automatic mode – after machine is switched on, the whole cutting process is done without its operator's interference, that is, mounting cut detail in the vice, its repositioning to set dimensions, lowering the cutting arm as well as its raising to the specified height after the cutting process is finished.
    Cutting parameters such as the number of cut details, their dimensions, cutting band speed and arm lowering speed are set on the control panel. Machine is stopped automatically when the cutting process is finished, the cutting band breaks or in the case of any other failure identified by the machine's operating system.
    Machine's body is made of cast iron, mounted on a rigid, spatial housing construction made of plates. Inside the housing are: a hydraulic unit, a flood coolant container along with a pump and a chip container.
    Cutting band drive is based on a motor controlled with an inverter, providing smooth adjustment of a wide range of speed. Hydraulic band tensioning ensures optimum cutting band working conditions. In the case of band breakage the machine stops automatically. Precise band guiding is achieved by guides with bearings and cemented carbide inserts. Band guiding movable head is set dependent on the dimensions of cut material, ensuring higher rigidity of the band. Maximum cutting parameters and long-term reliability of the blade are achieved due to a cooling system and a cleaning brush.
    Forced hydraulic arm lowering is adjustable by an accurate throttle valve. Quick feed system makes it possible to shorten the cutting time of some elements. Hydraulic material feeding system enables fully automatic working cycle of the machine. Controller, equipped with an LCD screen, is capable of programming the operation of the blade, indicates absence of material, provides errors and informs about the number of cut sections according to the time set. Maximum material feeding length in one stroke measures 500 mm, with +/- 0.2 mm margin for each stroke.
    The innovativeness and production of semi-automatic and automatic series "CORMAK-PREMIUM LINE" band saws, compliant with the norms and standards consistent with ISO:910001 and ISO:140001 certificates, warrant safety, quality and reliability of the product. M3V motors from ABB, a renowned worldwide manufacturer, warrant long-term reliability.

    Technical data 

    Table height
    550 mm
    Cutting band size
    2910×27×0.9 mm
    Arm raising and lowering hydraulic, with smooth arm lowering adjustment
    Band speed inverter 0-90 m/min
    Minimum cutting diameter
    Ø 5 mm
    Minimum material length in the vice
    30 mm
    Vice base height
    780 mm
    Power supply
    3-phase, 400 V
    Total power 4.1 kW
    Dimensions with base
    2250х1600х1600 mm
    Weight 1100 kg









    *Applies only to manual cutting
    ø250 320x240 240x240
    30º L ø200 220x120 190x190
    45º R ø220 235x120 210x210
    60º R* ø210 155x110 100x100