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Cormak Sandblasting cabin 220 liters Front door

  • Cormak Sandblasting cabin 220 liters Front door

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  • Description of the machine

    The cabin is equipped with a proven control system, a robust and spacious chamber with a metal front door, a sandblasting gun, four ceramic nozzles, high-quality work gloves, workplace lighting, a large window - without a blind spot. The recommended device comes with a compact design and a large and spacious work area, ease of use, reliability and work safety. Dust-free operation of the device is ensured by perimeter gaskets, which allow work to be done in an environmentally friendly way. The compressed air hose is installed in the bottom of the collection container. The sand outlet allows for quick material changes.

    Technical data

    Workplace dimensions
    840x550x370-550 mm
    Air consumption
    400-700 l/min
    Required air pressure 2,75 – 5,5 BAR
    The diameter of the hand opening is 180 mm.
    49 kg