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Cormak Sandblasting cabin 450 liters side door

  • Cormak Sandblasting cabin 450 liters side door

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  • Machine description

    Dust-free operation of the device is ensured by the use of perimeter gaskets, which allows you to work in an environmentally friendly manner. The sandblasting hose is placed in the lower part of the collecting container. The drain hole allows for a quick change of sandblasting material. The sandblaster is used for cleaning and treating various types of surfaces, e.g. removing rust, paints, deposits from metal surfaces, e.g. automotive parts, engines, fittings, housings, wheels, rims, etc. The abrasive can be, among others, quartz , silicon, glass beads, plastic sand, emery and other materials.

    Technical parameters

    450 L (0.45 m 3 )
    Air consumption
    400 - 1000 l / min
    Working pressure
    4 - 8 BAR
    Air connection
    1/4'' (inch) quick disconnect
    580 x 270 mm
    Vaccum connection
    fi64 mm and 90 mm
    Internal dimensions (WxDxH lowest/highest point)
    1140 x 650 x 630 mm
    1260 x 1000 x 1600 mm


    Default equipment

    DC15 cyclone extraction
    Lighting of the working area - a 12 V fluorescent lamp with a 230 V power supply with a switch
    2 high-quality work gloves made of rubber, integrated into the device
    2 suction (venting) connections with a diameter of 64 mm and 90 mm for the connection of an extraction device
    Sandblasting gun with four interchangeable ceramic nozzles
    4 pcs of removable protective film for the window, viewfinder
    front door with rubber perimeter seals for dust-free operation