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Cormak SP2500 SUPER 2,5T Pallet Jack with Electronic Scale

  • Cormak SP2500 SUPER 2,5T Pallet Jack with Electronic Scale

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  • Most important advantages:

    The SP2500 SUPER trolley is an ideal solution for logistics and warehouse workers weighing loads on a daily basis. Service departments often struggle with determining the weight for carriers. We met the needs with our modern model of a pallet truck with electronic scales. This is a solution that will significantly save time and facilitate internal transport.

    Machine characteristics:

    The trolley is equipped with exact scales, which allows you to weigh the load at any time.
    Swivel wheels and guide rollers covered are polyurethane which ensures light work, does not scratch or stain the surface.
    Pallet truck equipped with a hydraulic pump with a chrome-plated piston and a safety valve to prevent overloading the device.
    The model that we offer has the advantages of an ordinary pallet truck and is additionally characterized by an accurate weight.
    Large steering angle allows maneuvering in confined spaces.
    Weighing accuracy +/-0.5 kg, Accuracy level - III.
    Display and scale features:
    Backlit display
    Large letters/numbers displayed
    6-digit display.
    Battery accumulator placed in a solid steel casing
    Charger included

    Technical data

    Maximum lifting capacity
    2500 kg
    The distance between the forks
    570 mm
    Fork length
    1150 mm
    Fork width
    170 mm
    Length Width Height
    89 kg