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Cormak TA30 Scissor Platform Jack 300 kg

  • Cormak TA30 Scissor Platform Jack 300 kg

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  • Most important advantages:

    ROBUST AND DURABLE rugged, heavy-duty exceptional maneuverability thanks to the steering wheels
    MAINTENANCE / CARE / USE overload protection valve prevents overloading the trolley, which reduces operating costs hermetically sealed pump protects against contamination and oil leakage easy access to lubrication points
    EASE OF USE reinforced hydraulic system to facilitate the lifting of a heavy pallet of goods - the jack can be easily operated by women design provides easier and faster lifting and lowering of loads
    FOLDING LEVER ALLOWS YOU TO RAISE THE TABLE QUICKLY! Does not interfere with the transport of goods. A separate foot pedal allows you to lower the table.

    Technical data 

    Loading capacity
    300 kg
    Table dimensions
    500x800 mm
    Height after folding
    430 mm
    Height after lifting 900 mm
    100 kg