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Cormak TB 3 Manual Bending Machine

  • Cormak TB 3 Manual Bending Machine

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  • Most important advantages:

    Manual pipe bending machine machine is designed to bend pipes with different size. They can bend pipes with dimensions of 33.7 mm and 42.4 mm. This allows the user to customize the machine for different pipe projects.
    Dies for bending: Machine tools use dies for bending, which are specially shaped to control the angle and shape of the bend according to the material being worked on. This ensures precise and controlled bends.
    Bending range: The machine can bend pipes from 0 to 270 degrees. This gives the user the ability to create a variety of flexible pipe formats and flexible designs.
    Manual control: The machine works with a manual control mechanism. This allows the operator to control the bending by hand, giving more flexibility and control in the bending process.
    Compact and robust design: These machines are compact in size and inexpensive, making them affordable for many users. This is especially important for small businesses, repairs and other situations that do not require a large production line.
    Easy to use and transport: Due to its compact design and manual control mechanism, this machine is easy to use and easy to transport from place to place. 

    Technical data 

    Dies for bending 33.7 / 42.4 mm
    Tubes dimensions
    Ø 10-50.8 mm
    Bending range
    980×340×360 mm
    Weight 70 kg