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Cormak THEOR 10 10 Bar Screw Compressor

  • Cormak THEOR 10 10 Bar Screw Compressor

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  • Most important advantages:

    sturdy, compact construction of screw compressor from the European producer
    specially designed cooling system ensures optimal working conditions even at high load of the device
    connection of the cooling system to the module through good quality hydraulic wires
    This technology allows significant energy saving
    Special construction of air outlet for effective work
    Efficient and solid pump installed in compressor
    Unique filtration system with triple separation for efficient work
    Efficient motor with power 7.5 kW made in IP54 standard, using a belt transmission, which ensures high effective efficiency
    Lower noise due to the sound dampening plates
    Electronic controller from MAM series allow to set parameters: time between service inspections, power failure alarms, phase change, phase loss, overheating, other, Work in Master / Slave mode, it is possible to connect up to 16 devices in the pneumatic network, possibility of remote control by means of a computer and other 

    Technical data 

    Compressor motor power  
    7.5 kW
    Power supply
    400 V
    Efficiency at 8 bar  
    0.96 m3/min
    Actual air flow  0.72–0.79 m3/min 
    800x700x930 mm
    185 kg