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Cormak V-25/33/50 Vertical Band Saw

  • Cormak V-25/33/50 Vertical Band Saw

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  • Most important advantages:

    • Clamp: This machine is controlled by a manual valve that allows the operator to reliably and accurately control the cutting process.
    • Comfortable handling: It allows you to work more efficiently and reduce fatigue.
    • Solid cast iron table: The machine has a strong and stable cast iron table structure. The large and sturdy table ensures good material support and stability during cutting, allowing for accurate and correct cutting results.
    • Table with forward-reverse drive: The machine has a built-in drive that allows you to control the forward and backward movement of the cutting bar. This gives the operator more flexibility and work efficiency by making it easier to adjust the position of the cutting bar.
    • In the machine, the control panel is installed in a separate component, which allows the operator to comfortably and efficiently control the machine from the right place, increasing work safety and control.
    • Cooling System: This machine is equipped with an efficient cooling system that ensures that the tool and material remain cold without affecting the cutting quality. Effective cooling also increases the service life of the cutting blade.  

    Technical data 

    Cutting parameters
    250×330×500 mm
    Cutting band dimensions 3080×34×1.1 mm
    Total power 2.3 kW
    Feed motor power
    0.5 kW
    Flood coolant pump motor power 0.075 kW
    Band speed 18 / 40 / 70 m/min
    Weight 1110 kg
    Dimensions (L×W×H) 1100×1160×1860 mm