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Cormak WLTA Transport Forklift Pallet Stacker

  • Cormak WLTA Transport Forklift Pallet Stacker

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  • Description

    Rubber grips in the trolley allow for safe transport of goods.
    Platform height adjustment in the range of 55 - 900 mm by means of an ergonomic foot pump.
    Additional polyurethane rollers mounted at the bottom of the trolley support the stable transport of goods
    Load capacity up to 200 kg
    A specialized hydraulic pump enables stepless lowering of the platform
    Very strong construction (long service life) of a pallet truck
    Wheels and castors suitable for uneven surfaces: polyurethane on the drawbar 

    Technical data   

    Lifting capacity  200 kg 
    Minimum lifting height   55 mm 
    Maximum lifting height  900 mm 
    Wheel size   Ø250 x 50 mm 
    Platform dimension   500 x 500 mm 
    Dimensions  830 x 730 x 1240 mm 
    Weight   47 kg