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Cormak WRHS1516 Mast Pallet Stacker with Adjustable Forks 1600mm 1500kg

  • Cormak WRHS1516 Mast Pallet Stacker with Adjustable Forks 1600mm 1500kg

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  • Description

    What distinguishes us from the competition
    Load capacity up to 1500 kg
    A specialized hydraulic pump allows for a stepless lowering of the forks
    Very strong construction (long service life) of a pallet truck
    Adjustable fork spacing allows you to pick up non-standard loads
    Wheels and rollers suitable for uneven surfaces: polyurethane on the drawbar,
    Overload valve securing the trolley
    Control of the handle up to 190 °, rounded tips of the forks to facilitate driving under pallets, drawbar covered with a layer of rubber for better ergonomics of work
    The load is lifted using a hand lever or a foot pedal
    ONLY WITH US! For greater safety, parking brake on both wheels!
    Only our truck can do that !!! - you will lower the forks as far apart as possible to pick up wide loads
    Polyurethane wheels and rollers
    This type of rollers are universal for all types of surfaces. They are characterized by high abrasion resistance and increased resistance to mechanical damage. They guarantee quiet operation and low rolling resistance. 

    Technical data   

    External width of forks  
    550 mm (adjustable) 
    Maximum lift height  
    1600 mm 
    Load capacity 
    1500 kg 
    Centre of gravity 
    450 mm 
    Length of forks 
    1150 mm 
    Width between forks 
    230 mm 
    Total height  
    2090 mm 
    Total width  
    740 mm 
    Steering wheels 
    180x50 mm 
    Forks wheel  
    74x70 mm 
    Total weight  
    190 kg 
    Turning radius  
    1400 mm