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DC3300 Cyclone Extractor

  • DC3300 Cyclone Extractor

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  • Most important advantages:

    Automatic shaking of the dust filter ensures effective cleaning of air contaminated with dry particles.
    The DC3300 series pumps have an integrated pressure gauge and dust filter to ensure efficient filtering and cleaning.
    Powerful and quiet centrifugal fan provides high vacuum power.
    A double filtration system for large and small particles ensures more thorough air purification.
    The compact pull-out body ensures convenient use and installation.
    A large metal container under the separator provides sufficient capacity for collected dust.
    The use of reliable flexible and durable sealing rings ensures high vacuum power without losses at the connection points.
    The 4-wheel base ensures easy portability and mobility.

    Technical data 

    Suction efficiency 2000–7000 m³/h
    Speed 2800 rpm
    Extracting connector diameter 3×100 mm / 1×200 mm
    Number of containers 2
    Dimensions (L×W×H) 1300×1000×2300 mm
    Motor power 3 kW
    Weight 175 kg