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HOLZMANN BS 210 TOP 400V Band Saw

  • HOLZMANN BS 210 TOP 400V Band Saw

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  • Most important advantages:

    Horizontal band saw for metal with swivelling arm allows cutting in perpendicular to the axis of material cut and at any angle from 0º to 60º. The drive from the electric motor to the wheel driving the cutting band is transmitted with a motor with a MECHANICAL transmission (not belt). The cutting band is tensioned on two cast iron wheels with a hand tightener and guided by a set of roller bearings.
    Element cut can be fed manually or by any feeding device, meanwhile the tool feed is gravitational on the principle of oil flow in a two-chamber hydraulic cylinder. Appropriate speed of arm lowering is obtained due to the valve controlling oil flow between hydraulic cylinder chambers. Band guides are equipped with a set of roller bearings. This has a huge impact on the band guiding, its life, cut straightness, cutting accuracy and quality.
    Appropriate machining speed (band travel speed) is achieved by changing the position of a button on the control panel. Particular kinds and types of materials require particular cutting speeds. Rigid arm is made of SHAPED CAST IRON. Control panel is placed by the arm.
    The base is designed as a rigid welded body of steel sheets. Inside is a separate flood coolant container with an electropump. The shape of the base upper part constitutes a tank for flood coolant draining and chips produced during cutting. Cast iron workbench is attached to the base, with a swivel arm and control panel on separate arm. The main cutting move in the cutting process is moving the cutting band and the arm lowering feed. The arm lowering speed (the cutting speed) is adjusted with the hydraulic cylinder.
    The feed speed is controlled by the control panel. In rest arm position (after the cutting process) the cutting band drive is switched off automatically. Safety is ensured with cutting band guards and microswitches stopping the motor after cutting cycle is finished or after any of the guards are opened; additional protection consists of automatic switch-off of the band saw in case the cutting band breaks.

    Technical data 

    Cutting band size
    2110×20×0.9 mm
    Band tension
    mechanical (manual)
    Band speed 65 m/min
    Arm lowering control
    stepless – hydraulic cylinder
    Power supply
    3-phase, 400 V
    Motor 0,75 kW
    Weight 173 kg







    ø170 180x170
    45º ø140 140x170
    60º ø70 80x60

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