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Holzmint FM230-L1 Sawdust Vacuum Extractor with Felt bag

  • Holzmint FM230-L1 Sawdust Vacuum Extractor with Felt bag

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  • Most important advantages:

    Extractor with a powerful vacuum (horizontal system rotor)Metal, balanced rotorStrengthened motorWorkplace vacuuming capabilityLarge bags capacityWide suction nozzle in the setPortable due to large wheelsErgonomic handle for machine manoeuvringQuiet work, high efficiencyDue to its small size it doesn't take a lot of space in the workshopMany years of our team's effort resulted in creating a WhirlWind series multi-wing metal rotor, which, along with the rigid metal body, constitutes the heart of the extractor.
    Vacuum air-flow perfectly sucks out excess amount of sawdust produced during machining wood.
    Large design of the extractor is equipped with a solid frame providing stability and vibration-free operation.
    Entire construction is also strengthened with appropriately thick supports, which hold the cylinders along with the weight of the waste bags in proper position.
    Another advantage is the usage of an elastic and durable gasket, located in the integral part of the machine in order to improve the tightness of the entire system.
    By default, our extractors are equipped with burlap (filtering and waste) as well as additional, disposable, durable, plastic waste bags. Elastic metal bands ensure long-term reliable bags replacement.
    Usage of rotary wheels in bearings provides quick relocation of the machine.

    Technical data 

    Suction efficiency 1150 m3/h
    Bag capacity
    Number of bags 2
    Extracting connector diameter 100 mm
    Dimensions (L×W×H) 800×420×1550 mm
    Motor power 0,75 kW
    Power supply 230 V / 50 Hz
    Weight 27 kg