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Mobile chip and dust extractors and their components

Mobile chip and dust extractors and their components

Mobile wood chip vacuums and dust extractors are extremely useful devices that allow you to effectively manage the collection of dust, chips and sawdust near the woodworking areas or indirectly at the machine extraction points. These units are easily portable and convenient to use, making them an indispensable tool for mobile woodworking sites or projects.

The components that make up mobile wood chip pumps and breakers are particularly important to ensure the mobility, ease of use and efficient wood chip cleaning of these devices. These components are carefully engineered to ensure optimal performance and reliable performance in both workplace and mobile environments.

The main components that make up mobile chip breakers include:

Mobile base: This is a stable and sturdy frame with wheels for easy transfer of the circuit breaker and movement between workplaces. The mobile base is designed so that it is convenient and reliable to transport the breaker through the workshop or woodworking area.

Electric motor: This is usually a powerful motor, the voltage can be 1-phase or 3-phase, it ensures the operation of the pump-like installation. Most of the time, mobile wood chip pumps use electric motors to make it easy to connect them to the mains, but 230V voltage motors are usually intended for use at home or for short periods of time, since electric motors of this voltage heat up over time during operation, as a result of which it is necessary to be more careful about its temperature care Compared to 230V electric motors, 400V electric motors can slightly raise the temperature level, but under normal working conditions, electrical installation conditions and in the absence of faults, their temperature cannot rise boldly. These motors are compact yet efficient, providing the right level of suction power and performance.

Extractor Fan Housing: This is the component that houses the pump rotor and causes the suction of the wood chips. Mobile pump housings are usually made of strong metal for durability and durability. UAB Holzmint does not have a single circuit breaker with a rotor made of resistant plastic in its assortment, when choosing a rotor made of plastic or metal, the buyer should always give preference to steel.

Rotor: Mobile wood chip pumps are also equipped with balanced metal rotors. These rotors ensure efficient suction operation and reduce vibrations and noise, creating sufficiently high pressure. Their design is adapted for mobility and performance in various workplaces.

Dust filters: Mobile breakers are often equipped with dust filters to help keep the suction system clean and prevent damage to the pump. These filters trap the remains of wood chips and other particles. Fabric filters and HEPA filters in dust collectors are important components used to effectively clean the air of dust, allergens and other harmful particles. These filters have excellent filtration properties, ensure high air quality and prevent negative health effects.

Fabric filter: Fabric filters are very thin and dense material, can be woven or felt based, usually made of synthetic fabric. They act as a primary filtration layer, absorbing large particles of dust and debris while the waste bag or filter system is being replaced or cleaned. Fabric filters are effective in removing large contaminants and ensure proper operation of the dust eliminator.

HEPA filter: The HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a particularly efficient and high-quality filtration technology. These filters can trap even very small particles such as dust, pollen. A HEPA filter is standardized and required to be able to absorb at least 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in diameter. This helps ensure that the extracted air is clean and breathable, reducing the chance of inhaled particles causing health problems. In the wood industry, Hepa filters are used in workshops that require minimal dust in the air.

Fabric filters and HEPA filters can be used separately or together, depending on the pump type and requirements. Most dust extractors are designed with replaceable filter system modules, so they can be easily replaced or cleaned, ensuring continuous and effective dust removal. These filters are essential to ensure a clean and healthy environment both at home and in industrial or commercial areas where there is a high production of dust and harmful particles.