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Tywent Outlet port WTK-1

  • Tywent Outlet port WTK-1

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  • Most important advantages:

    Thanks to the many years of experience of our CORMAK team, FAN series radial fans were created. The design of the new technological line has allowed us to create a LineWind  metal turbine system. This is the most important feature of radial fans, allowing with increased vacuum power to draw off various types of pollutions to a special blade system that has been profiled at the right angle. The radial fan was created for use in the carpentry, furniture, car, agricultural and manufacturing industries.
    radial fans are using for:
    - transport of shavings, sawdust, small granules
    - dusty air
    - local exhaust
    - drying systems
    - air dryers
    Multi-blade, balanced, low noise and high efficiency, metal rotor winding overload thermal protection (thermal sensor) anti-vibration, stabilising feet safety swith conformant withthe N-EN ISO 12100 and PN-EN ISO 13850 norms it is also includes flexible and durable gaskets in the most vital locations failure-free operation confirmed by users of our machines working with them every day

    Technical data 

    Motor power
    2.2 kW
    2850 rpm
    Suction off effiviency 5200 m3/h
    Suction ferrule diameter
    200 mm
    Outlet diameter
    180 mm
    575x510x500 mm
    Power supply