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Roentgen Bi-alfa cobalt M42 27x0,9x2910 mm 4/5

  • Roentgen Bi-alfa cobalt M42 27x0,9x2910 mm 4/5

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  • Most important advantages:

    These metal cutting bands are characterized by excellent cutting accuracy and precise contour following. The bi-alpha cobalt blend provides a certain elasticity and flexibility to the strips, allowing them to maintain stability and optimal contact with the cutting surface. This ensures precise and high-quality cutting results, regardless of the metal type or thickness. Strips use an even pitch of cutting teeth or a combined pitch of cutting teeth.

    Technical data

    The length of the tape
    2910 mm
    The width of the band
    27 mm
    Tape thickness
    0.9 mm
    Pitch per inch
    Feel the metal
    Stainless, black, galvanized steel